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What Bugs are Dangerous for Your Pets?

We all love our pets and want the best for them, but sometimes these inquisitive little rascals can go sticking their noses where they don’t belong and find themselves in a heap of trouble. While exploring your yard, your pets may find themselves face to face with bugs that can… Read more »

Florida: The Perfect Breeding Ground for Pests

Your lawn is a major element of your home, and it deserves to be maintained properly. Unfortunately, Orlando Florida has some of the most perfect environmental conditions that allow unwanted lawn pests to thrive and potentially destroy your lawn and in some cases cause harm to yo… Read more »

The Cost of Termite Damage

The last thing you want in your home is pests, but unfortunately, due to their small size, it is incredibly easy for them to find their way into your home. Pests in the home have the capability of causing substantial damage, and termites are one of the worst offenders. Because of… Read more »

Avoiding Mosquitoes During the Rainy Season

As the summer continues, we face the rainy season. While we receive some much-needed rain, it should be noted that this rain promotes growth in mosquito populations which can put a dent in your summertime enjoyment. Here are some tips for dealing with the mosquito problem this su… Read more »

5 Things to Try To Keep Pests Away with a Healthy Lawn

Insect infestation can spell out disaster for your lawn. Feeding larvae destroy your grass at the crown, and certain pests, such as chinch bugs tunnel underground and sever roots. Pests bring significant damage to your grass, but it doesn’t mean that there is no way to prevent … Read more »

Keeping Your Gutters Clean to Prevent Pests

One of the most overlooked and dreaded jobs for home maintenance is cleaning your gutters. As arduous a task as it is, when you neglect to clean your gutters, you invite unwanted pests toward your home, which could spell out disaster for not just the structure, but yourself and y… Read more »

The Challenges of Pest Control in Florida

With its lovely weather, beautiful landscapes, hidden springs, and more, Florida is a wonderful place to live. But these very attractions are the reason for some of Florida’s least favorite residents. Mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, ants, flies, bedbugs, termites, and rod… Read more »

Five Facts about Mosquitoes

They’re the uninvited guest at your BBQ, they follow you on serene walks through the woods, and just one of them in your room at night can ruin your sleep. They’re mosquitoes, and they’re a problem. There’s no doubt that you’ve dealt with these pests once or twice in yo… Read more »

How to Identify Lawn Fungus

Your lawn deserves the utmost care, but when fungi get involved your grass is easily susceptible. Lawn fungus is easy to misdiagnose since many of the general symptoms such as spots, patches, bleached turf, and shriveled blades can be easily mistaken for other causes.

Here are… Read more »

5 Signs Your Lawn Has a Pest Infestation

Your lawn deserves the best care possible, and when pests find their way in, they can be quite destructive. While there are various pests that can invade your lawn, many of them are easily identifiable. Keep an eye out for these signs that you have a pest infestation:
Patches of… Read more »

"I began using Heron Pest Control when I encountered an ant problem in my kitchen. I live on a lake so I tend to have a lot of bugs around my home. I decided to give Heron a try once I couldn’t get r..." read more

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