“I began using Heron Pest Control when I encountered an ant problem in my kitchen. I live on a lake so I tend to have a lot of bugs around my home. I decided to give Heron a try once I couldn’t get rid of the ants on my own. One of my concerns in choosing a company was that I have a dog and I wanted to make sure that the products they were using are environmentally sound and would not harm my pet. I’m happy to say that Heron came out and they were wonderful. They were so professional and courteous. My technician explained everything he was going to do and how he was going to take care of the problem. I was really impressed with his attention to detail. He treated the inside, the outside and even took off the light switch plates and treated behind there as well. They also gave me free termite monitoring which I wasn’t expecting but was happy to have. Heron did everything that they said they were going to do and I am happy to report that I no longer have not only an ant problem but I don’t see any other pests in my house either. I would recommend Heron Pest Control to all of my friends and family.”

Marli Nelson – Longwood, FL

I’ve been using Heron’s service for over 7 years. Taking care of my lawn was always a big concern. Prior to using Heron, I was using another company and unfortunately they just weren’t getting the job done. My lawn was absolutely ravaged by chinch bugs. I found Heron Lawn & Pest Control. They came out and said they could absolutely take care of the problem and they did! What’s great about Heron is that they are so customer focused. Anytime I have an issue, they are here and I couldn’t ask for anything else. They are reliable and they do the job. And that’s the way I want it! I would recommend Heron to anyone that I know and have for quite some time. I’ll continue using Heron forever.

Molly Samples-Lake Mary, FL

I’ve been a customer with Heron for 4 years now and I just wanted to take the time to let the Heron Team know how well you guys are doing. The communication, follow-up and service from my technician has always been top notch. It is obvious that Heron does thorough training based on how well my lawn looks. Every Heron employee that I’ve interacted with seems to have a commonality and that’s a “do whatever it takes” attitude. My neighbors also compliment on how well my lawn looks. I like to ride my bike through the community and sometimes I’ll stop to talk to neighbors especially new neighbors as they move in. There have been numerous times when a neighbor has asked which house I live in. When I tell them, they smile and say, “Oh you live in that house with the BEAUTIFUL LAWN!” People also stop me when I work out in the lawn and ask what I do to make it look so nice. I tell them…call Heron! It’s important to note that I will not just refer any company because when I give a referral it’s just as much my name on the line as it is the company providing the service. I constantly refer people to Heron because I know that the people I refer will be taken great care of just as I am. Too many companies are getting away from service. Customer service is what it’s all about and I’m happy that I can rely on Heron to take care of my home.

Patti Bopf – Apopka, FL

“When we first moved to Florida, the house we purchased had sat empty for over a year and the lawn was completely a disaster. The first thing we needed was an irrigation system. I decided to go with Heron’s water saving sprinklers system, which they told me would save about 30% less water. The system actually ended up saving me 40% less water which I was just tickled with. We also have Heron’s irrigation maintenance plan, which has been great. Our technician comes out and checks the sprinklers every other month and makes necessary adjustments. If any heads are broken, he replaces them for free. It takes our worries away from having to go figure out what parts to buy or worrying that we’re watering in the middle of the night, watering the sidewalks or someone else’s lawn. The technicians have been great! They’re knowledgeable, professional and always take them the time to explain exactly what’s going on and leave us detailed notes. They treat our home like it’s their own and have been a pleasure to deal with. We recommend Heron Irrigation to anyone needing a company they can rely on.”

Paul & Mary Perry – Debary

When I purchased my house, I had the irrigation system that the builders installed. Every year I spent time and money having someone come and replace heads, make adjustments and I just wasn’t getting good coverage. Then St. Johns Water management cracked down on the amount of water we could use and watering times, and I knew I had to do something. I decided to have Heron install a new irrigation system with the advanced water saving sprinkler heads. I couldn’t be happier with that decision. I’ve had the system for about a year now. My water consumption is significantly down. I’m using 30% less water and my lawn looks better than it ever has!

Noreen Clough – Clermont

Good Afternoon,
I wanted to take a minute to contact you about your services. In May 2011 we replaced the our front lawn and immediately had our current company, one of your competitors, come out for treatments. Within a month weeds were invading again, and the company we were using told us the only way to get rid of the crabgrass was Roundup. Frustrated we used that and then had to replace parts of our new lawn. While complaining to our friends, they said they used Heron and you could treat crabgrass. We gave the company we were using another month, but our yard still wasn’t looking like we felt a new lawn should.

our friends said they used Heron and you could treat crabgrass. Wow is all I can say. Immediately, our grass started looking healthy.”

We called Heron in July, canceled the other company, and begun treatment with you right away. Wow is all I can say. Immediately our grass started looking healthy. I joked that I thought you guys were spray painting our lawn green, but whatever you were doing it was looking great. In fact, our backyard (which we hadn’t resodded) was mostly weeds and dirt with a patch of grass here and there, when we started using you. Now it is mostly grass with a few weeds here and there! My son and I enjoy playing in our yard every day.

I joked that I thought you guys were spray painting our lawn green.”

Outside of your wonderful products, your service is also outstanding. Your customer service staff is always helpful and organized when we call. And we can’t say enough good things about our technician, Garrett. He is always polite, knowledgeable, and explains everything he will be treating the yard for and what we need to do to make sure the treatments are effective. As well as, he shows up when he is scheduled to and follows up without us having to ask (something the other company never could seem to do). We feel he really goes above and beyond our expectations.

So often letter writing is left for complaints and the good products are not commented on. I wanted to make sure you knew how pleased we have been with your services and team. We recommend you all the time, although I know our yard is speaking for itself, our neighbor across the street recently switched to Heron too (I noticed the sign in the yard). It’s got a ways to go, but I know you guys will work your magic there too.

Thank you and Have a nice weekend!

Jennifer & Jeremy Kennedy- Lake Mary, FL

My son and I enjoy playing in our lawn every day. I wanted to make sure you knew how pleased we have been with your service and team. We recommend you all the time.”

if I was going to rate him on professionalism, competence, attitude and customer service, I would rate him 15 on a scale of 1-10. He is the BEST”

I just wanted the President of Heron know what fantastic employees he has working for him. John did my irrigation repair and if I was going to rate him on professionalism, competence, attitude and customer service I would rate him 15 on a 1-10 scale. He is the BEST. Our Salesperson Mark is the reason that I went with Heron. He is professional and down to earth and incredibly knowledgeable. You have 2 very valuable employees that deserve to be recognized for their customer service and performance! Keep up the good work and thank you.

Veronica Cotter – Orlando

To Management at Heron Lawn & Pest Control:
My husband and I wanted to give a huge compliment to our Heron Technicians named Jimmy who does our lawn care and shrubs, and to Heron Technician named Louis who does our pest control. Based on our experience we want to let you know that we are very happy that both of these technicians are the ones providing service to our home. Jimmy and Louis always present themselves with a positive, professional and respectful attitude. Both of them are very knowledgeable in their expertise, very helpful when we have had any concerns, and they show pride in their job.

On Saturday May 19, 2012 Jimmy came out for the scheduled lawn & shrub care, and at that the we told him of serious issue that had developed with our Vibernum. Jimmy immediately went over to assess the problem- he took his time looking at the conditions about the Vibernum and then he let me know what the problem was and how it could be resolved. In this matter, it turns out that we (homeowners) and our landscaper are the ones that need to take several action steps so that the Vibernum receives the conditions it needs in order for it to be restored to good health (Heron is already doing its part). Jimmy pointed out to us that our sprinkler heads were not watering the Vibernum at all so these shrubs have been trying to survive this drought on their own. In addition, he also pointed out that there was so much natural debris (piled up leaves & vines) covering the root ball of these Vibernum that it was making the conditions even worse for these shrubs.

Jimmy is a very experienced technician when it comes to the lawn and shrubs and he has a wealth of information that he shares with us. He is very methodical when he explains things. But what I also really appreciated about Jimmy as it pertains to the Vibernum issue was that he wasn’t defensive or blaming others, but instead he helped me understand how the homeowner, the landscaper and the pest control company make up a team and that by each of us doing our part we contribute to the health & beauty of our landscape. To me, that made a lot of sense.

As far as my husband and I can see, Jimmy and Louis are assets to Heron Lawn & Pest Control. When looking for a contractor for any job, most people want knowledge & experience but they also want the contractor to be respectful, professional, and customer service oriented. Louis and Jimmy are both excellent examples of all these qualities.

There’s a lot of competition out there in the pest control industry but Heron Lawn & Pest Control outshines all of them because they provide all the qualities that I outlined above. That’s’ why we have been loyal customers of Heron since summer of 2003 and we have no intentions of ever switching to any other company. Thank you Jimmy and Louis for the service you provide to our home- God bless both of you. Thank you Heron Lawn & Pest Control!!!

Sally Cieslak – Altamonte Springs, FL

I live in downtown Orlando, and early last year I had the sod replaced in my front yard. Within weeks, the new sod showed signs of infestation. A month later, it looked worse than before I had it replaced. Needless to say, I was unhappy with the sod company, but I was told by neighbors to give Heron Pest Control a call. I had seen your signs in a few yards, but was unfamiliar with your company.

Last September, your service representative stopped by our house. After his inspection and a thorough consultation, he promised and assured me that Heron could bring the sod “back to life”. I am writing today to let you know that our yard has risen from the dead! It is nearly picture perfect with just a few bad spots to clear up; I am very confident that, by early summer, our sod will look as new as I had first expected.

Thank you for saving me the cost and disruption on replacing our sod (again!) and I appreciate your timeliness and tenacity in resolving our problem.

Doug McKee – Orlando, FL

our yard has risen from the dead! Thank you for saving me the cost and disruption on replacing our sod (again!) I appreciate your timeliness and tenacity in resolving our problem.”

after using almost every lawn and pest company in town over the years, I feel like I have finally found the right company”

We moved into a David Weekly home in the Westyn Bay subdivision the end of June. Part of our new sod was bad and rather than try and replace it, the David Weekly builder suggested I try Heron as they had really helped another house down the street. I was using another company at the time and was not happy with the results. So Heron came out and gave it a big dose of help (dry and liquid fertilizer, weed control, etc) and within a week or so the yard looked so much better! I like having a beautiful lawn and after using almost every lawn and pest company in town over the years, I feel like I have finally found the right company.

My two new neighbors have signed up with Heron also. Thanks for your good work.

Jackie Hamilton – Ocoee, FL


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