Tired of brown spots in your lawn? Tired of broken sprinkler heads?

Let us bring your irrigation system up to its MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY!

We understand that when you call us, you have an irrigation issue on your property and need it repaired right away. Whether you need a small sprinkler repair or a revamp of your entire system, Heron Irrigation’s trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to handle any of your irrigation issues. At Heron Irrigation, we are committed to handling all of your concerns and bringing your irrigation system up to its maximum efficiency. We also provide environmentally friendly solutions that will save you water.

Why is it important to have your system inspected by a professional?

Heron TrucksIrrigation systems are complex and it is nearly impossible to detect to the untrained eye whether or not your lawn is getting even coverage. The first step to achieving a green healthy lawn is having a properly functioning irrigation system. It is important that your entire lawn receives adequate water with even coverage throughout. It only takes 3 days of your lawn in drought to see damage for 3 months so response time is crucial. We strive to have a Service Consultant at your home the same day to inspect your system.

What I need from my Irrigation System:

  • Sprinklers with head to head coverage
  • Correct irrigation head for the targeted area, for example not having spray and rotor heads on the same zone
  • Proper height and angle of sprinkler heads
  • A system that is calibrated for 3/4” of water per application
  • Adequate watering days for the season
  • Properly functioning rain sensor. This is required by Florida Statute 373.62 and will save water by forcing your irrigation system to shut off or not come on when it has rained.

How did Heron Irrigation begin?


Wasted water running down sidewalk because sprinklers are not adjusted correctly

Heron Lawn & Pest Control has been providing lawn fertilization, pest & termite control since 2002 to Central Florida residents. Because proper irrigation is a crucial part of a healthy lawn, we received overwhelming requests year after year from our lawn care customers wanting us to provide irrigation service. It’s because of our customers’ needs that Heron Irrigation was born.

Choose Heron and experience the difference!

Professionally Trained Irrigation Specialists Random Quality Control Inspections behind all Irrigation Specialists Employees are uniformed and background checked A customer care team ready to take your call during business hours Same day appointments available .

"I’ve been using Heron’s service for over 7 years. Taking care of my lawn was always a big concern. Prior to using Heron, I was using another company and unfortunately they just weren’t getting ..." read more

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