Heron’s Platinum Shrub Care Service

Beautiful, healthy shrubs…guaranteed!

A plush landscape with beautiful shrubs adds substantial value to your home. With our unique and effective approach, we are committed to bringing your property to its full potential. Give us the opportunity and see why thousands of Central Florida residents choose Heron to maintain their shrubs! Choose Heron and experience the difference!

What I need in Shrub Care

Technician consulting with customer about her Viburnums.

Technician consulting with customer about her Viburnums.

I need a company that will:

  • Spray multiple insecticides to prevent and control all insects.
  • Apply seasonal granular fertilizer to my shrubs seasonally.
  • Treat fungus on all my shrubs.
  • Replace my shrubs if they die from insects.
  • Come back anytime and treat any problems for FREE.
  • Come out the next day if needed.
  • Remove fertilizer debris off my driveways after they treat.
  • Have fully stocked trucks to treat any problems that may arise on my property.
  • Be conscious of the environment.
  • Follow my county ordinances.
  • Be Certified in Best Management Practices.
  • Perform quality inspections on my property by a manager.
  • Leave me detailed notes about my property after each treatment and put flags in any areas of concern.

Heron does it all…and more!

Understanding your shrubs

Did you know that your shrubs have even more potential issues than your lawn?
There are numerous varieties of shrubs and they each have have their own set of potential issues. Shrubs are subject to attack from a variety of harmful invading insects such as chili thrips, caterpillars, aphids, spider mites, lace bugs and many more. Fungus and diseases such as cercospora and entomosporium also attack shrubs. Nutrient deficiencies as well can deprive you shrubs of what they need to survive. Your shrubs require nutrients year round vital to maintaining health and promoting color and growth.

The first step in bringing your shrubs back to health is to understand exactly what issues your shrubs have. We will do a thorough inspection and a fully detailed graph of your property. Then we will put together a customized plan to bring your shrubs to their full potential.

Our Shrub Program is All Inclusive. You will never see unnecessary up-charges.

One core difference with Heron is that our programs are ALL INCLUSIVE. We have straight forward pricing! You will neversee unnecessary up charges for additional insecticides or fertilizers that your shrubs may need.

Each month welcomes a new set of shrub invaders, fungus, diseases and other potential issues. Because every property has different needs, our trained technicians will custom blend an application on the spot that is specific to the issues with your shrubs.

Our promise to you

We offer a Shrub Replacement Guarantee against insect damage. You can rest assured that if your shrubs die due to insect damage under our care, we will replace it and no cost to you. We offer free follow up treatments between your regular scheduled service. We are confident we can bring your property up to its full potential.

Heron Lawn and Pest Control has helped thousands of customers like yourself achieve that plush green landscape that everyone desires. Choose Heron and experience the difference! Call for a FREE Same Day Shrub Inspection!

Experience the Heron Difference!

  • All inclusive programs with no unnecessary up charges
  • Custom Blended Applications on your property
  • Trained Technicians who care
  • Shrub Replacement Guarantee against insect damage
  • Free follow ups between regular scheduled services

"Dear Heron, Please find the Pictures attached. Our technician, John has done a great job. Today, we are extremely happy with Our Green Yard. Be proud as we are of it!..." read more

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