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Palms are Constantly Under Attack!

Prevention is the best defense!

Newly transplanted palms should be protected immediately from palm weevils and bud rotting fungal organisms. Established palms need specific nutritional feedings and crown drenches to also prevent palm weevils and bud rot on a quarterly basis. Large palms can cost thousands of dollars to replace, so it is best to prevent these problems before they occur.

There are hundreds of Palm attacking pests in Florida including:

  • Boring Insects
  • Scale Insects
  • Fungus
  • Skeletonizers
  • Bag Worms
Palm Weevil Damage

Palm Weevil Damage

Palm Weevils

Palm Weevils

Blade w/ Yellowing Chlorosis

Blade w/ Yellowing Chlorosis

Yellowing Chlorosis

Yellowing Chlorosis

Once a palm is under attack, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to save it!

Our Quarterly Palm Treatment includes:

  • Granular fertilization on every treatment.
  • Full drenching of the crown with an insecticide and a fungicide.

"I live in downtown Orlando, and early last year I had the sod replaced in my front yard. Within weeks, the new sod showed signs of infestation. A month later, it looked worse than before I had it repl..." read more

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